Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Review of Episode II

I didn't know if I should laugh or ask forgiveness for endorsement, viewing, or even being in the same room with the TV.
I'm pretty sure I should ask forgiveness.


Your thoughts?

Monday, September 26, 2005

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Ocean (click here to listen)
After 10 years of being based in San Diego, California, I have finally taken up a Californian sport, and I'm loving it. No, it's not surfing, it’s body-boarding (some would refer to it as boogie-boarding, but I find the term "body" to be much more edgy than "boogie", so, we'll go with that. "Sponging" is what the true die-hards call it, but I'm not there yet. That would require that I know how to fully operate the flippers, and I don't).
I have not conquered the waves alone, however. My daring wife and I, along with the Benoits have all sold out for the sport. I can't believe I've missed the last 10 years of doing this.
We all ran home right after work, grabbed our boards and wet suits, piled in the car and drove down to Pacific Beach (Shown Above). The sun was hitting the horizon just as we arrived, but that didn't stop us. We road the waves well past dark, and it was amazing.
The only top off to a perfect night in the water could be watching The Office with friends. So that's exactly what we did.
This night will not be forgotten

P.S. Your thoughts on The Office?

Monday, September 12, 2005

Some Bad News...

My sister found these photos:

After embarassing all my friends in Master's Praise, I figured I'd slam myself for your enjoyment. (Note the tight-rolled suit pants, and the rolled up sleeves on the wanna-be basketball jersey)
Thanks Jane.

Monday, September 05, 2005

A Few Things To Talk About...

1) The Taylor T5. Bob has been so gracious to loan me and two of my friends a T5 prototype for a couple of months. I normally play piano for our Sunday A.M. services, but this week I had to give the new toy a good, long test drive. So, for 7tunes X 4Services, I played the snot out of that guitar. Bottom line... I'm not giving it back! OK, I may have to give THAT one back, but I can no longer consider my arsonal complete without one. It revolutionized the way I play guitar. It turns a single guitar player into two guitar players. It is the best guitar I've come across for worship leading. The trick is that you can be playing it in acoustic mode, then, with a stomp of a footswitch, you can trigger your electric amp on, and be playing rhythm acoustic and electric at the same time. Infreakingcredible!
2)We spent the day (Monday, Labor Day) with my parents at their beach unit along with my brother and sister, aunt and uncle, and grandma. Last week, I took a surfing lesson with Jake. Although it was full of usefull information, it turned out to be a lot of work for little return. Today, we hit the waves on body boards. It was GREAT! Jake and I could catch the same wave and ride it in together. I found it much more rewarding. I'll stick to snowboarding and wakeboarding as my go-to "stand-on-a-board" sports. I also had an inaugrual game of SmashBall with my dad. A sport he could not have played one year ago. Well, back to the grind. Summer's Over. Goodbye O fleeting sun (Even though I know you're sticking around until December, I'll say a theoretical hasta la vista today, as if we're breaking up to find ourselves, put away my white shoes, and sneak around with you tomorrow).
3) Sunday Afternoon, Lacy and I drove up to Pasadena to see Sam and Rosie's newborn, Eisley. She's really cute. Looks like Sam.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Nothing makes a movie better than having the entire theatre shake!
Tonight at the cinema, the building shook, we all looked at each other and agreed that it WAS a quake, and then continued our viewing as if nothing happen.
This was the third sizable quake in the last four months.
Once in the middle of the night: Big bang. Whole house shook for about 15 seconds, then another aftershock 3 minutes later.
Once at church in the middle of an offertory: I felt the bang, but thought someone had just fallen off the risers.
Then tonight: making the date night especially exciting.

Only In California