Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Red Light

We played Roxanne in church today.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Week in Review

Christmas is here!

OK, not for the rest of the world, yet. But here in San D., it's smothering us.

We're producing an outdoor Christmas Show, Night of Light, and we're less than 3 weeks from opening night (18 shows over 3 weekends).

This week has been full of light installations, thus the name, Night of Light.
From over ten thousand Christmas lights throughout the property, to the giant light grid that hangs above Bethlehem on the side of a cliff (By giant, I mean 6 stories high, and 64 feet across. 3600 lights, each a foot apart).
Today and yesterday we hoisted the grid up the cliff face and tried not to die in the process.
TONIGHT, we turned it on, and it... was... AWESOME!!!!
You can see it from the freeway. In-freakin-credible!
So tomorrow, we'll work out some of the bugs, and I'll post pictures soon (even though they won't do it justice).

Aside from Christmas this week, I bought U2's Vertigo Tour DVD, Live from Chicago, and relived the show. Lacy and I went to opening night of this tour, and I went to the second show two nights later. It's great to see how the show has progressed. It's also great to have a wife who can sing along to every song, especially since she knew nothing about U2 before we met. She's the best!

That's all for now.
I may not see you till after Christmas, but I'll try.
If you can get out to see the show, we'd love to see you.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

There Ain't Nothin' Like...

...a handlebar mustache
...a blown-over comb-over
...a new guitar
...finding out that your dad's been wearing unmatched shoes for months and months
...a late night recording session NFL superstar getting kicked off his own team just for being an idiot
...having Arnold as your governor
...sitting on a bench, making fun of people who walk by
...asking when the baby's due only to find out she's not pregnant
...explaining to grandma how the iPod works
...explaining to grandma how the FM transmitter for the iPod works
...wrapping your co-worker's desk with hundreds of Christmas lights
...catching your little sister doing anything she's not supposed to be doing
...a night in drag 1991 Camry’s tweed seats
...wanna-be rock stars who work at Guitar Center
...finding out that "the pill" didn't work
...dreams that involve being naked in public
...dreams about winning the lottery (a regular one of mine, and I've never played)
...dreams that involve one leg being significantly shorter than the other
...a first post on a new blog ("I'm finally giving in to this blog thing...")
...a fake chuckle from the local news anchor
...thinking that your shirt AND your pants were black, until you got to work and realized that blue and black both look black in your dark closet
...calling a co-worker by the wrong name and having them correct you in a really, really sad tone
...getting a refund check in the mail that you didn't realize was coming
...not being able to turn your steering wheel all the way to the right because your new tires are TOO BIG!
...having a brother-in-law with a handlebar mustache (poor guy)
...grabbing used souvenir cups from the Chargers game off the ground after a game (we now have a complete set)
...going to the Chargers game with your wife with full intention of watching the Charger's Girls and not the game
(To clarify, Lacy's good friend is a Charger's Girl, and she gave us the tickets. Good fun for all.)
...driving 25 minutes to a storage unit, then realizing you don't have the key
...sitting around and thinking up meaningless lists like this one

I'm open for more "There Ain't Nothin' Like's..."
Send 'em my way,

That is all

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

My Feet Are Killing Me