Saturday, January 28, 2006

to my friends spouses...

Nice job Nate.

Way to go Esther.

Karen... um...

Thanks for sticking with em Cammie and Rosie.

Monday, January 23, 2006


A thought has been haunting me for months, no years.
The thought is this: What if all the good ideas run out?
Scary, huh. Well maybe not for some, but for those of us who depend on new ideas on a weekly or monthly basis in order to earn a paycheck, it’s terrifying.
This question, or horrible panic in my gut when I give it time, has lead me down a road of analyzing where ideas come from. The results of my studies are conclusive...
I’ve sought council on this topic from people who are praised for having great ideas on a regular basis, and they say not to worry about it, as long as there’s a desire to improve, the ideas will come.
I’m not buying it. I currently have NO new ideas and I have no reliable proof that I’ll ever have a good idea again. I don’t know where it will come from or what subject it will address. I do know where I was when my last good idea struck me, but there’s absolutely no rhyme or reason as to why it came or why I deserved to have it. It just showed up, and I went with it.
OK. I know that things are God-inspired and we have to rely on Him to guide us, even if it means doing it blindly. So I really do know who the source of ALL ideas is. But it’s still an interesting thought and my lack of faith keeps me in a terrified state.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Ever Had Someone Sit TOO Close in Church?

I Did

Click on image below to watch video.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

If I Smoked Cigars...

If I were a smoker, I'd go to Cig's-R-Us and buy a box of "Itsaboys" and share them with my friends.
But I'm not a smoker, so I'll settle for a cheezy balloon.

Click on image below to watch the video!

Thanks Marybeth Meek for the help today!
You're the best!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Back to the Norm

After more than a month of craziness, tomorrow begins MY new year. I'll head to work and conduct business as usual for the first time in who knows how long. With the prep and production of Night of Light, Christmas Eve services, one Christmas Day service, and a weekend of Comedy for New Year's Eve, along with all the family celebrations and get together's, business as usual is a welcome sight for me. It's been a great month. One of the most rewarding months I've ever experienced, but I'm glad it's finished.
Lacy and I spent the better part of last week watching movies every night and sleeping in every morning. Lukas was kind enough to sleep in with us (in the other room, of course). I feel refreshed and recharged and ready to go back to what I really love, preparing quality worship experiences on a weekly basis.
As far as pics of our season, check Lukas's blog. Lacy's been kind enough to put some work into it.
Well, on that note, I'll leave you with one of the funniest inventions I've ever seen. Apparently Apple and Kohler have merged to create the world's first...
artwork compliments of nick beniot