Saturday, April 29, 2006


Tonight we opened THE CAUSE.
If you've been around me at all in the last month or so, you know that my heart is burning for this work. You know that my days and nights have been consumed with one mission: to reach people through THE CAUSE. Tonight, my adrenaline finally let down. I walked off the stage after the worship set and came close to tears. Part of it was me forgetting how draining it is to lead worship, but the other part of it was the satisfaction that God was being honored with our efforts. We had no idea if anyone would even come and the anxiety that comes with those thoughts can be haunting. Our fears were calmed when the crowd arrived. We had a variety of technical features that were untested in a live application, but they all ran smoothly.
It is a pleasure serving with the men and women I call friends first, coworkers second.
Now, on to next Saturday night when we do it all again and maybe I'll get a non-work related post in here somewhere. (possibly about our new house?)
(Oh, did I mention the band? Yeah... I'll have to talk about them later. These guys are amazing.)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Easter 2006

We went outside for Easter this year.
Here are some pics of the band, the production, and the venue (In the "round").
We all had a blast.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

A Midnight Ramble

Tonight ends a week of vacation. Well... by vacation I mean a week away from the church, but not a week away from work. We've been hauling tail to finish our move-in. I'll have pics soon, but I haven't even seen my camera or the internet in a week. Kind of nice, actually. It's weird how the blogging community can change in seven days. I've noticed some additions in the community. Glad to see some fresh faces.
It's midnight, Pacific time, and I'm catching up on the Padres game from earlier tonight. Luke's asleep after a long day of helping me patch a fence so the dogs can't escape, clean up painting supplies, and a first lesson in hockey (No, I don't know how to play hockey, nor do I even like it, but I thought we'd work on some motor skills. He needs a few more days). Lacy is in the other room watching "House" and will probably be passed out by the time I make it to bed.
We're REALLY enjoying the new pad. [O... Giles just went for a double and got thrown out at second. Oh well. Fast forwarding to the next inning.] Anyway, back to the new pad, we're making sure we put the place together right the first time because we want to be here for a while.
Well I'm going to finish the game that we're now losing.
..goodnight friends