Thursday, June 28, 2007

update on my mom

I'm lagging, I know. It's been a crazy week. Mom had a nine hour surgery on Tuesday and the Doctor was able to remove ALL visible tumors along with some other bits and pieces. She's doing very well. I'm bedside with her right now and she's alert and not in too much pain. We're all taking shifts at the hospital with her. There's a full report on our church's website, but I thought you might want to hear it from me. She's still got a long road of chemo ahead, but stage one is behind us.

Your prayers and support have been overwhelming.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Hummel Family said...

I was praying surgery was a success! I am glad to hear it was.

Hang in there.

Jodi said...

that's GREAT news!

Kim and Joel said...

We will continue to pray for you all! Glad to hear surgery went well.

Nancy Myers said...

Josh, give your mom a big kiss from me to her! Let her know Ron & I love her dearly and are praying with all the many people for her fast recovery. When you feel down, remember you all have people from coast to coast praying and lifting the whole Garlow family in prayer.
Glad Janie and family are there with you. God is Good all the time!
Love ya Josh